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Start early- go farther!

With the new dance year fast approaching I have been busy fielding phone calls and e-mails from new students. I am often asked the same question, "when should I start my child in dance."

The answer depends on many factors including your dancer's current age, past experience, and goals for dance. Classes at Dance Trends are offered for children ages 2 through 18, so there are a wide range of levels and experience within that group. Children ages 2-3 are able to gain some of the basic ballet skills along with learning how to coordinate their movement in ways that will be helpful in a variety of areas. Older children are able to fine tune their skills or simply take part in an activity that is fun and socially interactive.

In my experience, children who start dance at an early age are often able to develop not only a foundation for future dancing, but often learn invaluable social skills such as listening and responding to directions, waiting their turn, and being part of a class. These skills will be very helpful as your young dancer comes closer to starting school.

So there is really no way to answer the question of when to start dance as it all depends on the individual. If you have questions about your child and would like to speak to Miss Jenae about proper placement of your child in dance classes please call (561) 542-0215.

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